Siegmar Fricke - Medical Soundscapes

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Medical Soundscapes represents clinic electro-robotic acid that is strongly associated with medical processes and images. Siegmar Fricke mainly works with analogue vintage equipment, sampling, sequencing and a broad range of effect periphery. Instead of notebooks he uses HD-multitracking.


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01 Calmedic sections (2:40) 02 Propulsion-M (8:17) 03 Synphaseq (8:48)
04 Rhythmanorama (7:47) 05 A-Quaretique (8:49) 06 Thermodorm (11:30) 07 Neuracor (4:22)
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Jun 2006  
  Siegmar Fricke (38) is a non-DJ and electronic musician living in Wilhelmshaven, a city in the north of Germany. Since the beginning of the 1980s he has been involved in experimental music. Between 1981 und 1985, he made his first creative steps with the help of ordinary tape recorders in the fields of musique concrète related to the school of pioneers such as Stockhausen and Pierre Henry.

In 1986 he added a sampler, an analog synthesizer, sound effect devices and multi-channel recording to his equipment. The tracks made between the years 1986 and 1992 may be filed under electro-pop and were characterized by playful elements. In this time, Siegmar Fricke was active in the international tape scene and got first impressions of rougher industrial sounds.

In 1995 Fricke founded the project Efficient Refineries together with the Spanish musician Miguel A. Ruiz (aka Orfeon Gagarin, Ventral Metaphor und Exhaustor). They produced five CD albums from which two of them are released at Simple Logic Rec. (Poland) and Menstrual Recordings (Italy) in 2006.

Efficient Refineries is a very experimental collaboration with lots of favour for rhythms: click-electronics, narcotic ambient scapes, industrial influences, modulations, robot-like and transformed fragments of voice, minimalistic structures without lyrics and without song qualities.

His recent solo works may be described exactly in the same way. In fact, dance-ability, melody and popular sound structures never have been played a central role. He focussed on sound science and "pharmakustik", as Fricke called his new created style. Fricke hopes that the term pharmakustik possibly may establish a new genre of electronic music in the 21st century: single samples reduced in a microscopic way are rebuilt to multi-layered structures. Instead of fat basses he uses syncoped rhythms, and furthermore, instead of sweet synth medlodies he prefers clinic and clean ambient filtered soundscapes.