Beyond Subsource - further net rooms

neighborhood, surroundings
ABV Leipzig / Berlin Output für Musik, Medien, Foto, Osteuropa, Review und Preview.
Benfay DJ, liveact, acoustic artist, popstar.
Chiffre ein unabhängiges Netaudio Magazin für freie elektronische Musik
[F]laboratorium Flashbag for coding experiments.
Ideal Standard Radio show broadcasting electronic / minimal / experimental music in Strasbourg, France.
Martin Donath Artist doing minimal techhouse and floating ambient.
Phlow Magazin für Musik- und Netzkultur.
Restroomrecords ... is a label releasing noncommercial hard electronic music. / Sam Graf Urban art and visuals.
Soundlab Acidworks Oblivion and NTK aka Digitalis.
Weinerei Deutschlands erstes Kulturwohnzimmer der Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur in Nürnberg
Zeichensprecher Virtuelle Musikinstrumente und Livemusik.

free music / netlabels
1bit wonder Every bit a hit!
2063 music Scapish and beatless music netlabel. Creativism source and ideologically co-founder of subsource.
comatronic Audio / theory / networking
Fukkgod Fukk God lets create (noise).
Ideology Funky cologne based netlabel.
Legoego Netlabel for collective and individual arts.
Musicartistry small but fine label
Nexsound Nexsound is dedicated to the unusual and experimental music, both acoustic and electronic.
Nubiproof Cozy sounding game worlds. Frozen sublabel of subsource and 2063music.
Octagone Deconstructed music. Frozen sublabel of subsource and 2063music.
Pentagonik Berlin based netlabel - sounds and looks like miniml
Realaudio Platform for electronic music from bern (.ch). Ambient / Breaks / Techno / Mixes.
Stadtgruen Stadtgruen describes the urban parks and gardens where the modern spirit can ground itself and harmonize with its roots.
Signature-Tunes electronic, trip-hop, ambient netlabel
Textone Online electronic music magazine and label.
Thinner / Autoplate THE Netlabel for versatile electronic music.
Zerinnerung Electronic dj mix netlabel

free music / netlabels meta
Acowo Introduction of high quality netlabels.
Audioblog Podcast Let me entertain your pod.
Britney Netaudio Mother An aggregated feed of mp3 netaudio weblogs and sites. updated every hour.
Netlabel Catalogue A list, index, directory of music labels which are offering free downloads from their pages.
Sothzine Sothzine is a monthly underground music webzine.

acte3 Urban art, photos and animations (Flash).
Audioscrobbler Audioscrobbler is a computer system that builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste.
de:Bug Magazin für Musik, Medien, Kultur, Selbstbeherrschung.
Internet Archive The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. is a personalised online radio station that plays the right music to the right people. Songs spread from listener to listener.
Looptracks Triggering music & visuals online.
Mix, Burn & R.I.P. Buch und Weblog über das Ende der Musikindustrie.
Newstoday® For a better tomorrow.
onewordmovie Online platform which organizes the flood of images on the internet into an animated film.
Papier.Machine Online art magazine.
reFresh reLoad An evolving online exhibition intended to inspire, provoke, engage and promote. A non-profit organization aimed at providing the 'electronic art scene'.
Sentia Weblog von [in]anace.
This is a Magazine It has words and pictures in it.

Substream The future of electronic music